Taking the first steps towards a new you!3 May

Taking the first steps towards a new you!

If you’ve not stepped foot in a gym or put your swimming costume on for a while, we understand that you may feel a bit nervous.

We’re here to convince you that there’s no need to feel that way though! We’re all in the same boat when we first start working out, so we’ve got some words of advice that’ll help you take that first step.

Do what you love and love what you do!

We get it: gym workouts aren’t for everyone. That’s why we offer so many different ways to get fit! Think about the things you enjoy. Perhaps in school, you loved playing badminton, thrived in the swimming pool or just loved dancing with friends. We cater for all types of workouts so just pick something that will make you happy, and the results will soon follow!

Make it social

You don’t need to fly solo! Exercising with friends or family is far more fun and will help you stay motivated too. Make plans and stick to them, as you would with any other meet up. If you make plans with other people then you’re more likely to see them through!

Get comfortable

Only do what you’re comfortable with, and don’t worry about easing yourself in. You could even start outside of the centre too, by going for long walks or light runs before you start working out with us. We have plenty of more easy-going classes such as yoga or pilates which make the perfect starting point too.

Be confident

This one may sound hard, but there’s one simple thing to keep in mind: nobody cares! It’s easy to step into the gym and think all eyes are on you, waiting to see you do something wrong so they can all laugh at you but we promise that isn’t the case. The truth is that nobody cares what anyone else is up to. You’re all there for the same reason and are focusing on your own workouts, so there’s no time or need to look at other gym-goers. Don’t believe us? Stop and take a quick look around next time you’re in the gym. That guy you saw staring at you is actually looking behind you into the mirror, so he can check out his arms. That girl is just staring into the distance after a heavy set, not gawping at you.

So, don’t overthink it and get signed up today!

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