How you can include calcium in your diet without dairy!13 Jan

How you can include calcium in your diet without dairy!

For different diets, it can be hard to find what you can have to make sure you get the nutrients you need daily. Calcium is known to be ingested through dairy; so how can you get your daily calcium intake if you don’t have dairy?

Find out all about calcium, and the quick and easy ways to keep it in your daily diet!


Calcium is excellent for keeping your bones healthy and preventing your body from broken and fractured bones!

Our bodies need calcium, and so we need to keep it in our diet to make sure it is there for our body to use. Food is the best way to get calcium, and there are so many alternatives to dairy foods where you can find what you need; if you still can’t get enough calcium from replacement, speak to a GP, and they can talk to you about supplements.

Fruit and vegetables can help improve your bone health, with oranges and dried fruits being a great way to get some extra calcium into your body! Bony fish such as sardines, salmon and whitebait are full of calcium; for any vegetarians or vegans, trying alternatives to meat like almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts can give you your daily calcium. Try and aim to have two portions of bony fish a week as fish is packed with calcium!

Dairy alternatives:

Dairy alternatives for calcium are now easier to find than before; rice milk, oat milk, almond milk and soy milk are all great ways to get calcium, as well as soy yoghurts. With dairy alternatives, try and have a pint a day of calcium-enriched alternative milk; this can be anything from having it on its own to milkshakes, smoothies and hot drinks!

If you’re struggling to have a lot of calcium at one meal, why not spread it over a couple? For example, with a soy cheese sandwich for lunch and soy yoghurt at dinner.


Enjoy finding new ways to introduce calcium into your diet – as well as switching up your meals!

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