How To Achieve 10k Steps A Day!14 Jul

How To Achieve 10k Steps A Day!

Getting in 10,000 steps might sound difficult to do but we’ve got some easy tips, that’ll see you getting those steps in no time at all!

Walking is such a great way to get fit, and a daily brisk walk has lots of health benefits such as building stamina and burning excess calories for a healthier heart. The NHS recommends a brisk 10 min walk every day to see these health benefits, so this month we are helping to get more people walking with our July fitness challenge! There’s even a chance to win a Nutribullet just log in to the app to get started.

Tips on how to get 10,000 steps a day


1.Recharge your morning-

3,000 steps / 1.3 Miles

Brighten up your morning with a nice stroll, if you have a dog start to think of it as your dog walk for the day before work! Having these extra steps in the Morning walks boosts your mood for the day ahead and makes you feel more productive.



2.Retail therapy workout-

3,000 steps / 1.3 Miles

Shopping can seriously increase your step count, without even realising it! You could even increase your steps, by walking to the shops or parking further away in the car park!


3.Cleaning the house-

1,000 steps / 0.4 Miles

A quick 30 min tidy-up and hoover will increase your steps You dash in and out of rooms and up and down the stairs to get everything cleaned up. Doing a little every day stops things from pilling up so you can spend your free time having fun!




4.Work out on your lunch break-

3,000 steps / 1.3 Miles

Want to beat that 3 pm slump? Working out during your lunch break makes you more productive and energised for the day ahead! Even if it is a 15 min stretch or a walk around the block, you’ll feel the benefits of those endorphins released during exercise and get those extra steps in. Check out our get fit at lunch blog for all the tips.





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