How can you manage your stress?10 Apr

How can you manage your stress?

Do you find yourself worked up over deadlines, focusing on the little things, and letting everyone get to you? How can you manage your stress?

With April focusing on stress across the UK, we wanted to help you understand what stress is and how you can improve your hold on it.

What is stress?

Our automatic thoughts of stress are harmful; the word is associated with a lack of control and grasp on life. Your body flips into ‘fight or flight’ mode, the adrenaline and reaction to people or situations causing this reaction to allow you to focus on how to sort it out. Having continuous stress can cause issues with your health; we will help you understand why and how to deal with this.

Understanding stress

Stress can be pictured as a pile of books; as the tower begins to grow, it’s more likely to collapse, with more stress added like each book added to the tower can cause the tower to topple. Sometimes it can creep up on us; we can be distracted by life around us and not see the pile growing before it falls and causes harm. But how can you keep your stress under control?

How can you manage your stress?

  1. Say NO – you don’t have to do everything. It can be so much easier for to people please and say yes to everything, but knowing that your health can be affected by increased stress can help you see why saying no would be better for you.
  2. Sleep – getting a night of good sleep and focusing on rest can help you! Work towards prioritising your sleep; if you need tips on keeping yourself well-rested, check out our sleep blog.
  3. Schedule your life – write down everything you need to do and add anything you could do after. Tick off what is needed before heading over to what could be done; the stress of what is required can increase when more people pile on what could be done. Focus on your main tasks, understanding that colleagues in work or family and friends might need to wait before you get back to them.
  4. Health – cardiovascular disease can be caused by a lot of stress and a rise in blood pressure, and other health difficulties. Managing your stress allows you to create a healthy lifestyle and focus on making the healthiest version of yourself.


Work towards building a healthier lifestyle! Exercise is a great way to expel the stress from your body; if you’re unsure of where to start, you can try out our 7-Day Pass and see how exercise can benefit you.

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