Chester and Cheshire West launches 5 ways to wellbeing campaign17 Jan

Chester and Cheshire West launches 5 ways to wellbeing campaign

Cheshire West and Chester have launched a new campaign targeting 5 ways to well-being, you can see the full campaign bellow. But these are our 5 ways to well-being here at Brio Leisure.


It’s January, which for most of us gives us time to reflect on the year that we have had and plan for the year ahead with new resolutions. It is common for us to make resolutions to lose weight or drop a bad habit but focusing on improving your mind, body and happiness is a great way to start the year off and very encouraged here at Brio Leisure.

Focusing on this doesn’t mean starting that new diet or dropping those bad habits instantly as this can become added pressure on yourself when there are a lot of worries and uncertainty alread. Here at Brio Leisure, we encourage everyone to find that balance and create a happy, healthy lifestyle, putting your well-being first.

Here are the 5 ways to wellbeing from Cheshire West Council, and we’ve shown you how Brio can help support you through each one.

1. Connect 🫶

Having a great support system is key if that’s friends, family, colleagues, or gym buddies it’s a great way to provide you with emotional support and guidance. Not only that but also encourage you to catch up with friends and instructors in the gym making it not just about fitness but a community feel as well. Here at Brio Leisure, the community feel is very important to us, and we love to see the friendships built from attending our centres.

2. Be Active 🚴

We are of course a great advocate of this as we can see the well-being changes in all of our community attending our centres regularly with self-esteem increasing and a happier and healthier lifestyle. We encourage any type of activity here whether you want to join a spin class or just some laps in our pools it’s about finding the right way to get active for you. Why not stay active and take 5 activities for £5 each these can include swimming, spa, fitness classes and gym check it out.

3. Take Notice 💖

Being in the moment and thinking positively can create a great mindful approach to life and learning to take a step back for yourself is a great habit to have, we have mindfulness videos and tips on our Cheshire Change Hub that we always encourage our community to use and check out!

4. Learn 🤓

This January and throughout the year we are encouraging our community to “try something new” and give a class or an activity that you wouldn’t normally do a go, this will help boost confidence and introduce you to new groups of people and you might find out a new activity that you love! Here at Brio Leisure, we are running This Girl can Classes which embrace getting it wrong and having fun whilst exercising check out our timetable for times and locations.

5. Give 🥰

Giving back to the community is something that we love to do! But starting off small and doing something nice for someone else creates a great sense of reward and helps connect with others.

These are just 5 ways that you can incorporate into your year to hopefully improve your well-being and adopt good habits. Check out Cheshire west and Chester’s guide for 5 ways to well-being. You can easily adapt this list to your own way to improve your mental health and well-being.

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