Proven tips on how to get a better sleep!19 Mar

Proven tips on how to get a better sleep!

What factors are affecting your sleeping pattern? And how can you get better sleep?

Here are our top tips that are proven to get better sleep!

1 – Pay attention to what you’re consuming!

Whether it’s smoking, drinking, caffeine or something else – focusing on setting set time away from habits and stimulative food and drink can really help your mind rest. Sleeping is all about keeping yourself relaxed, with overly heavy meals or foods you can cause more discomfort than relaxation. Watch what you’re consuming and whether there’s anything you could limit a couple of hours before bed.

2 – Limit Naps

Napping is such a useful way to grab a burst of energy, but more than 30 minutes can cause an increase in restlessness throughout the night. Of course, work, children or just a busy lifestyle can increase your need to nap. So why don’t you try and keep naps to 30 minutes and focus on training your body to rest fully when you have more than a couple of hours spare.

3 – Create a sleep haven

Sometimes having dedicated spaces can help you focus on what you’ve set the area up to provide. For example, a study is somewhere to do work and focus your time and energy on learning – you wouldn’t look to do this in the bath as that’s a place to chill. Dedicating your bed to sleep and only sleep can really help your body get into the habit of associating your bed with sleep; creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this space can also help you relax.


Give these ideas a try! If you’re still struggling to get enough sleep, here are some other tips on how you can optimise sleep time.

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