How You Can Entertain Your Little Ones3 Apr

How You Can Entertain Your Little Ones

Struggling to find ways to keep your kids happy and engaged? We have some amazing tips that you can use to keep your little ones busy!

1. Daily Exercise

Keep exercising in isolation as something to do, or to spend time as a family together! Enjoy a walk outside, making sure to stay within the government’s guidelines, or try out this short workout we’ve put together with Brio Bear!

Or you can give your kids their daily P.E. lesson with Joe Wicks, search The Body Coach TV offering loads of different fun exercises to do! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more videos on fitness that the whole family can join in with!

2. Adding in fun education

How can you teach your kids in a way that they’ll keep interested? We have some amazing tips for you to try!

There are so many different resources to help you entertain and teach your kids; The World of David Walliams is giving away some free audiobooks, The Maths Factor is a great way to keep maths fun and interesting, and why not get your little ones cooking with Jamie Oliver’s Kids Cooking!

We have put together some amazing colouring sheets for your little ones to enjoy, click on the downloadable links below to grab your Brio Bear colouring!

Brio Bear 1

Brio Bear 2

Brio Bear 3

Brio Bear 4

And give some of our puzzles a go!

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

3. Chester Zoo

Don’t miss out on the live streams from Chester Zoo’s Facebook page; get to see the animals up close with their virtual tour! Also, look out on their website for fun colouring in, different activities and quizzes and more.

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