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Home Workouts Perfect for You!

String together some of these fantastic home workouts for a long exercise session, or just try a couple for a short break!

We’ve gathered some fun and heart-racing exercises to help you get your fitness in, why not download some of the workouts and print them off?

Abs workout

Keep your abs strong with this short ab workout! Keeping your core strong will help with so many other areas of fitness and posture; this quick workout will help you strong throughout isolation. Don’t forget – you can increase or decrease the number of reps you do!


Arms Workout

Finding ways to complete an arm exercise without weights is hard! Why not try using heavy objects around the house to substitute for weights; this can be anything from milk cartons to tins or bags filled with different weighted objects.

Even giving these exercises a try with just your bodyweight can give your arms a workout! Download this workout sheet and find new ways to work your arms.

Arms workout

HIIT Workout

If you’re looking for quick 3-5 minute exercise to give you a short break from work, or just to wake up in the morning, this HIIT workout is for you! Enjoy a quick but intense workout to get your heart racing and increase your stamina and strength.

Feel free to increase any of the exercise timings too.

HIIT Workout

Legs Workout

This bodyweight legs workout is fantastic to keep your legs strong, whether this is to tone or to keep them strong for running and more! Like the other exercises, you can add or take off how many reps you do!

Legs Workout

Pre/Post Workout Stretches

Stretching before and after workouts is essential for warming up your body as well as making sure you’re stretched out enough so that you won’t get injured.

Mix up the order of the stretches too so you keep the workout varied!

Pre/Post Workout Stretches

Sofa Workout

If you’re struggling for ideas to include some of your usual equipment based exercises in your workout routine, use a sofa or chair to help incorporate these in! Check out these ideas for using your sofa in your workout, and see how you can adapt some of your gym exercises into using a sofa or chair.

Sofa Workout

Yoga Flow

Relax from a day of working at home with this short yoga flow! Using a short workout like this is a fantastic way to include calming stretches and breathing into your day. With this yoga flow, you can repeat it as many times as you want, or until you feel fully relaxed.

Yoga Flow


We would love to know how you found these exercises and workouts! Please don’t hesitate to drop a comment on our Facebook page, or any of our social media – we love to know how you’re keeping your fitness up.

Don’t forget you can adapt any of these exercises to suit you better!

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