Get motivated and stay active with these tips14 Mar

Get motivated and stay active with these tips

Struggling with motivation at the moment? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re here to help with some top tips for keeping you active this month.

As great as exercise is, it’s easy to fall out of love with it. Your best gym buddy might stop coming, or you’re not seeing the results you wanted, or maybe you’re just a bit bored with it all. There are plenty of reasons why you might think about packing it in, but take a look at these tips and you’ll be racing to the gym again in no time!

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Anyway, on to the tips!

Revisit your goals

If lack of progress is getting you down then it may be time to revisit your goals and make some changes. You’re better off making smaller, more attainable goals as smashing a few of those will build up some momentum and keep you feeling good about yourself! Don’t forget that your membership includes our Member Journey programme, so if you want a hand setting goals and creating a workout plan that will help you reach them, have a chat with the Gym Instructor next time you’re in the gym.

Support each other

If you haven’t already got a gym buddy or fitness class friend, now is the time to get one! Having someone to workout with will help keep you going, and makes exercising more social and more fun. And if you’re having fun, it won’t feel like hard work! Our WorkFit membership lets you, your family members and your workmates get active for less, so why not get a group together and sign up?

Mix things up

If you’re running on the treadmill or swimming lengths 4 times a week then you’re going to get bored fairly quickly. Shake things up every few weeks so you’re trying something new and we guarantee you’ll never get bored. Instead of doing cardio in the gym, join one of our cardio group exercise classes instead! You might find a Spin class to be more fun and engaging than simply jumping on a bike in the gym. Bored of swimming lengths? Try SwimFit! It’ll have you doing all sorts of swimming training exercises to help you improve your technique and your fitness levels at the same time. A Premier membership gives you access to all of our facilities, so make the most of it and try something new!

These are just a few ways to keep yourself motivated, but we’ve got plenty of quick tips too! Try throwing a few of these into your exercise schedule and see how they make a difference:

Got any tips of your own? Pop them in the comments below!

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