Flab to abs for Winsford brothers!4 Feb

Flab to abs for Winsford brothers!

As a schoolboy in Winsford, Tom Kent was teased about being overweight. By the time he was 18 years old, he tipped the scales at more than 17 stones and the name-calling was getting progressively worse.

“It was the usual sort of things, being called ‘fatty’ and other similar things. I felt ridiculed and demeaned, so I decided to do something and get fitter,” he said.

Since joining Winsford Lifestyle Centre, he’s five stones lighter and back at college. He plans on becoming a police officer when he graduates.

“Getting in shape has completely changed my life and hopefully will give me a new career too,” said Tom, 22, who has become a familiar face at Winsford Lifestyle Centre’s gym with his younger brother Ben.

Like Tom, Ben was also self-conscious about his physique when he was younger.

“I’d never take my top off on the beach for instance because I was worried about my belly bulge. I was 14 stones at one point. My diet was all wrong and didn’t feel good about myself,” said Ben, 17.

Now studying sports and exercise science at Mid Cheshire College Ben is looking ahead to a career as a personal trainer, with some fitness modelling thrown in should the opportunity arise.

“We’ve loved coming to the gym since the centre first opened. Now with the new equipment you can really take your fitness levels and physique to the next level,” said Ben.

“There’s only one problem … mum’s always complaining about the food bills at the end of the month,” joked the brothers.

Lydia Morgan, fitness lead at Brio Leisure, which operates the Winsford Lifestyle Centre, said the new gym equipment had brought a new dimension to people’s training routines.

“The use of new technology now allows you to accurately monitor your training regime and also allows you to compete against friends and training partners,” she said.

“Tom and Ben are fantastic examples of what you can achieve with the right training programme. We’re seeing success stories every day regardless of people’s age or the fitness levels they have when they first arrive. Getting fitter doesn’t just improve your health, it develops confidence and the way you feel about yourself,” added Lydia.

If you’d like to try your local Brio centre for free, read about our upcoming Open Week!

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