Exercise vs Life: The Eternal Struggle!3 May

Exercise vs Life: The Eternal Struggle!

Do you struggle to fit exercise into your day-to-day life? Don’t worry, we all do from time to time!

Whether there’s work commitments, school runs, or you just want to spend more time with the family, it can be difficult fitting in enough exercise throughout the week. Some people try and marathon two or three classes back-to-back on one day, which simply isn’t an effective way to work out. When doing a fitness class, you need to put 100% of your effort into in order to reap all the benefits. Doing two Spin classes followed by a Zumba class is going to leave you too tired to put 100% into all of them, or you’ll be so busy pacing yourself that you won’t be giving them your all!

We spoke to Tony, our Gym and Fitness Lead at Northwich Memorial Court, who said “Think of it in terms of quality, rather than quantity. If you’re putting everything you’ve got into one fitness class, you shouldn’t be able to do the same again afterwards!”

That’s not to say you should stop there though, if you have got the time then there’s plenty of ways you can compliment an intense fitness class. “A yoga or pilates class, or even a gentle swim are all great ways of continuing to exercise after a fitness class, but at a reduced pace”, Tony added.

Not got time for that? Then a High Intensity Interval Class might be for you. These are typically 20 to 30 minutes of exercise that have you working flat out for a few minutes at a time, with short 20 second breaks between. Take a look at our blog about HIIT classes to find out just why they’re so good for you.

Having a proper workout schedule is another way to ensure you’re working out effectively. Block out spaces throughout the week for specific classes or gym workouts, ensuring to not go too heavy on any one day, and remembering rest days too! Google have actually added a new function to their email and calendar apps called Goals – you just need to set what your workout goals are, how often you’d like to do them, before Google works it magic and checks your schedule, identifies free spots and recommends times to work out! It’s really clever, you can read more about it here.

How do you fit exercise into your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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