Everything you need to know about coming back to our gym!6 Aug

Everything you need to know about coming back to our gym!

Heading back to our gyms is a huge contrast to what it was like before! Here is everything you need to know so that you can help us keep our centres secure and keep you safe in your visit.


Before COVID, you were able to head into our centres without booking for a gym session. We now ask that you book a session each time you want to use our gyms; this is so we can make sure everyone gets to use our facilities as the number of people allowed in the gym has decreased due to social distancing measures.

If you turn up to the centre without a booking for a session, unfortunately, you will be unable to take part in that session. Please come along to your session in your gym kit; we ask that you do this as we have closed our changing facilities. This helps us to decrease the number of rooms and people you come in contact with during your visit.

Gym Session

During your session, you will need to clean down the equipment you use before and after your workouts. This not only helps us keep you safe, but helps keep all those using the equipment after you safe! Not only will you be cleaning the equipment, but our fantastic staff will also clean everything at the end of each session. Keeping up with these new regulations for ensuring our centres stay COVID secure and safe!

You may find that the gym sessions are shorter than what you are used to; we ask that you understand this is to allow everyone to have a chance at using our facilities. You can book more than one session a day, but please be mindful of others that want to head back.

Please arrive a few minutes before your session; we ask that you don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early to help with our social distancing measures if another session uses the same one-way entrance at an earlier time.

We ask that you don’t bring towels to your gym session, to begin with; this will help decrease the spread of any germs through sweat. There will be plenty of cleaning equipment for you to use in your session and to help reduce the risk of using your towel to wipe down the exercise equipment.


If you have any other queries; you can find more out here.

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