Everyone is welcome at Brio!1 Jul

Everyone is welcome at Brio!

This summer we’re celebrating inclusivity in fitness!

Working out can be a bit daunting, can’t it? We can be so focused on our outfit, whether we’re jiggling or not, or who’s around us that we forget we’re just here to stay healthy! That’s why this summer we’re focusing on the things that bring us together, including fitness! Have a watch below:

We welcome everyone to workout at Brio, including this lot:

The Shy Guys!

We get it, it’s easy to feel self-conscious when working out. We’ve got your back though, whether it’s our friendly Gym Instructors ensuring you get off on the right foot in the gym, or our class teachers making you feel welcome at Brio Cycle or Brio HIIT so you can enjoy the social side of fitness. There’s no need to feel shy at Brio!

The Fabulous People

Looking to show off your fabulous side? We’ve got hundreds of fitness classes running at our centres every single week, including plenty of dance classes! From Zumba and Clubbercise to Aqua Dance and Vibe Cycle, you’ll have plenty of chances to strut your stuff!

The Show Offs

We know your game: you’ve challenged your mate to a spot of badminton knowing full well you’re going to smash them, and you just want to show off your skills. To be honest, though, we don’t blame you! Just don’t get upset when they beat you at Squash next week.

The Gym Pros

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So, you’ve been to a few gyms now and know what you’re doing? That’s fine, we’ll let you get on with it! You’re entitled to a Focus. Move. Evolve session though, so just speak to a Gym Instructor when you decide you want to give it a go. Otherwise, crack on and smash those goals!

While our special offer is running, you can get your first 3 months of membership at just £20pm, and if you opt for Premier Membership then you’ll get all of this:

Offer ends 31 July though so get yourself signed up now!

Take me to the offer!

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