An Interview With Disco Inferno’s Leading Voice Joel Burnman 🪩23 Nov

An Interview With Disco Inferno’s Leading Voice Joel Burnman 🪩

Interview with Joel Burnman – London’s West-End Star Leading Disco Inferno Show 🕺🏻

We spoke to the Disco Inferno’s leading voice Joel Burnman. With over a 10-year career in music and performance, Joel shares his passion for Disco, dancing and his favourite moments of the Disco Inferno tour!

What is it about this era of music that resonates with you so much?

That era of music and the way guys sang, using their falsetto, really drew me to it. And also just the fact that the music is so happy and full. You know how they say they don’t make music like they used to? I feel disco is a really prevalent era for that saying. It’s just music that makes you feel good.

Why do you think that this type of music remains popular even now in 2023?

Disco is a type of music that resonates with all eras, demographics, and generations, and a lot of what the music is about is still relevant to this day – love freedom, acceptance, and people just enjoying their lives. And it’s just great music. Even those who aren’t confident to get up and dance will get up and dance to the YMCA because it’s just happy music.

Who were your biggest inspirations for wanting to get into music?

My mum is a singer and that was always part of my life – listening to the proper singers. My mum was a big influence. I love all the big female ballad singers, Whitney, Mariah, Celine – they have such inspirational voices – and people like Luther Vandross, just really emotive singers with big vocals.

What other forms of music are you a fan of?

I love a bit of everything. I started out in musical theatre, so I’ll always love that. I love the originality of the music, people like Stephen Sondheim are just so original and nobody else sounds like them. I also love classic 90s dance anthems and R&B, a big old mix really.

Could you pick one act that you think best encapsulates everything to do with Disco?

It has to be Earth, Wind and Fire. I just think they are the epitome of disco music. When their music comes on in our show, it’s always a highlight.

What is your favourite thing about being on tour?

I’ve been touring on and off for a long time now and the thing that always gives me the most excitement about it is seeing somewhere new. Getting to head out and see places I’ve never seen before, having trips to the seaside, I just love seeing new places.

What is your go-to song when you are in need of a pick-me-up?

It has to be September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. That’s the one that always gets people up and dancing and it does the same for me.

What can audiences expect when they come to see Disco Inferno?

A party. Even though we may be in a formal setting like a theatre, it’s all about having the time of your life for an hour and a half.

Is there one song in particular that you really enjoy performing?

I think Relight My Fire is the one. It comes at a point in the show where it’s really gearing people up for the end and it’s always a lot of fun to perform.

How would you sum up disco music in 3 words?

Joyous, freedom, and energy!


You can see Disco Inferno at these venues 🕺🏻

Ellesmere Port Civic Hall on Fri 24 May 2024

Northwich Memorial Court Sat 14 Sep 2024

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