How To Link Your Brio Account With Your Family6 Oct

We’re pleased to announce a new Linked Memberships feature in our booking system! 🥳

We listen to all the feedback from our members and PAYG customers and always try to use that feedback to improve our services, and we’re happy to say that our new Linked Memberships feature should make family bookings easier than ever.

So, how does it work?

It’s pretty simple – one person can designate themselves the Primary Account, and then link other Brio accounts to it.

You’ll then be able to book and pay on behalf of everyone in the group from your online account. If there’s more than one adult in your group (i.e. another parent) then you can grant them the ability to book and pay on behalf of the group too.

When you’ve logged into your account, it’s simply a case of toggling who you want to book for, add a session to your basket and then check out. It’s as easy as that.

The system will know if anyone in your group has a relevant membership too, so if you’ve got a Premier membership and you’re booking for yourself and two children, you’ll only be charged for the two junior swim sessions as your membership already includes casual swimming.

Great! How do I get set up?

A member of the Brio team will need to link your accounts. All you need to do is pop into any Brio centre and fill in a Member Linking Form. Once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed by our team, the Primary Account will be free to book on behalf of the group.

Little tip 💡 You can also give other linked members the ability to book on behalf of the whole group. Just head to the Linked Members page in your My Account section.

By the way, you’ll need a signature on behalf of each account that requires linking. You can download and print the form at home by clicking below:

Download Here

Is this for me?

Any of our members can use the new linking feature, but we know at the minute it’s really frustrating for families and parents to book on behalf of their children. Now you can do it all within one account. This includes people living at the same address or separate addresses.

Parents, please remember you must consent on behalf of any junior accounts that require linking. Requests to link a grandparents account can be accommodated, however we reserve the right to keep linked accounts to a minimum, and a maximum of 4 adults can be linked to a primary account.

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