Adult and Child Lessons – The perfect introduction to the swimming pool!9 Sep

Adult and Child Lessons – The perfect introduction to the swimming pool!

If you’ve read our previous blog then you know just how important it is to get your little ones learning to swim as soon as possible. Here at Brio Leisure we’ve got some fantastic Adult and Child lessons that get you in the pool alongside your toddler to show them that being in the water can be fun!

Your little one has spent their formative development time suspended in fluid, so water is the next natural step for them. You can introduce them to water immediately with simple activities incorporated into their bath time, such as playing with water, sponges and flannels, as well as plastic containers to encourage them to get their face and hair wet.

Blowing bubbles in the bath will make your little one giggle, and they’ll find it exciting and expressive! It’s also the beginning of them learning to breathe when in water.

Kicking in the bathtub is another little game that they’ll enjoy, which will also teach them the basic motor skills needed for swimming.

And it’s important your little one knows that the water is a fun place to be, so singing songs can help encourage this.

Our Adult and Child lessons are the next step towards your little one learning to swim. The emphasis is always on fun, as they will learn more quickly if they’re enjoying themselves! These lessons follow the ASA Swim a Song and Duckling Award Schemes, where Parents and Children work their way through various action categories based on 32 songs, all adopted from well known nursery rhymes. Accompanying the programme are 6 certificates and badges to reward your child as they progress through the increasingly challenging songs and actions. It’s the perfect introduction to the pool and start a lifelong love of swimming!

Click here to find out more about our Adult and Child Lessons which follow the Swim-a-Song format, available at all of our pools. We also have single Swim-a-Song sessions available at some pools, check out our Timetables for more details.!

For more information or to get your little one booked on swimming lessons, send us an email or give your nearest Brio Centre a call.

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