Why should your child Learn 2 Swim?6 Jun

Why should your child Learn 2 Swim?

Swimming’s a fantastic skill to have, and there’s so many reasons your child should learn it as soon as they can:

All Brio pools offer Learn 2 Swim lessons from birth in our adult and child classes, giving both of you the opportunity to gain water confidence through games and songs. We also run Swim-a-Song drop in sessions for adults and children to take part in together. These fun sessions involve learning basic swimming movements using fun songs!

Once they’re a bit older, it’s time to get them swimming independently, a big step indeed! In the pool they’ll be following the Swim England Pre-school Framework which will get them moving and building confidence in the water.

The next progression is to the Swim England Learn 2 Swim Framework Stages 1-7, which not only gives your child the opportunity to develop their stroke technique. Following completion, your child can progress to the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework which will introduce them to elements of lifesaving, synchronised swimming, water polo and diving – your child could be the next Tom Daley!

There’s so much more to swimming than simply doing lengths, and Brio Leisure have fantastic links with local swimming groups that can help your child once they’ve completed their lessons. There are many great experiences to be had in the water and they all require you to be able to swim, which is why it’s so important to learn!

Lessons take place across all 6 of our pools, so just give the reception team a ring to get your child’s induction sorted! This means the teacher can place your child in the class most suited to their ability. To find out more about the Swim England framework, just click here.

Contact your local centre today to find out about swimming lesson availability!

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