5 Workouts to a Healthy Heart!29 Sep

Friday 29 September is World Heart Day!

World Heart Day reminds us to think about our hearts and how happy they really are. It may be a bit obvious but our hearts are super important and we can’t live without them, so we have to work hard to keep them in tip-top shape!

Exercise is obviously great for your whole body, but we’ve highlighted a few specific workouts that’ll have your heart in a happy mood!

Circuit Training

The key to a healthy heart is a strong cardiovascular system, and circuit training is perfect for this. Quick intense exercises that are performed in HIIT classes help improve your cardiovascular system by pushing it to its limit for a short burst, before allowing it time to rest and recover. A lot of circuit class exercises involve your upper body too, which is great because those are the muscles that support your heart so keeping them strong is important too!


Keeping your blood pressure at a good level will keep your heart pumping away happily! Stretching workouts such as yoga or pilates will allow you that down time to relax and let your muscles recover in-between sessions and generally make your day-to-day life easier, putting less strain on your ticker!

Counting your steps

Just because you might not always have time for a full workout doesn’t mean you don’t have a healthy heart. Being generally active throughout the day by walking and keeping busy rather than sitting around burns more calories than you’d think – so get counting your steps, each one goes towards a healthier heart!


If you’re after something a little lower-impact, then swimming is the way to go. It’s easy on your joints, and you use all your body parts which helps tone muscles and build endurance. It’s a great cardio workout that will have your heart pumping on all cylinders!


Having a dance with a good aerobic beat will give you a steady heartbeat! Whether it’s high or low impact you can Zumba, Dance & Sculpt or even just a dance around your room is bound to help!

Remember, when looking after your heart, cardio is key!

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