5 Simple Steps to Fantastic Meal Prep!18 Mar

5 Simple Steps to Fantastic Meal Prep!

Meal prepping is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need!

If you’re looking into losing weight, prepping your meals for the week will help you lose weight healthily by including all the nutrients you need and the number of calories for each week!

Here are our 5 simple steps to achieving the best meal prep!

1. Get yourself some good quality food containers!

The key to fantastic meal prep is making sure you have places for the food you’re making! You want to make sure that the food you prep is staying fresh and is easy to grab. Especially if you’re heading out for work or to meet up with people, grabbing a box of food is so much easier than having to search around for something!

2. Keep finding fresh and new recipes to keep it interesting!

You’ll want to switch things around when planning and prepping your meals. Keep searching for fun and exciting ways to mix up your meals; mix and match by swapping around something you had for lunch for your dinner, or finding some new recipes that use the same ingredients in different ways.

3. Plan your weekly meals.

Planning for the whole week makes it easier to meal prep, as well as saving time for you during the week if you’re stuck for time! Using a meal plan, you can structure your week by making sure you have each meal and snack written down. By doing this, it also helps with writing down a food list and making sure you grab everything you need for your meal prep.

4. Choose a day to prep your meals.

Choosing when you prep your meals will correspond with when you head to the supermarket; choose the same day or days as going to the shops so that once you have the food you’re able to make up all your meals for the following days! Prepping on the day will help your timing in the future, making it easy to grab any meal quickly as well as allowing you to relax when you come in from work.

5. Keep repeating your meal prep!

To keep up with prepping your meals, make sure you’re jotting down your meals for the next week and continually planning! You’ll start to notice that you are planning and prepping your meals without thinking and turning it into a habit!


Enjoy not having to think about your meals and when to prep them! Here are some meal prep templates that you can try out; or if you’re looking for some 1-1 support with nutrition, we have Personal Trainers that are qualified to help you out with food and nutrition.

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