5 gym no-no’s!28 Jun

5 gym no-no’s!

A little bit of basic gym etiquette…

It’s hot, people are a bit crankier than normal, so we thought we’d throw together a quick list of 5 gym no-no’s – avoid this and hopefully, everyone will be happy!



Don’t be that person. Please.

Banging the weights


Just put them down gently! Banging them down just damages the floor and equipment, and usually gives someone nearby a fright too.

Long phone sessions


By all means, check Snapchat or change tracks on Spotify in between sets, but don’t be the person that spends 10 minutes between sets fiddling with their phone.

Not wiping down kit


It takes a few seconds, and keeps the equipment nice for the next person!

Interrupting a tune!


If someone’s got their headphones on, they’re usually in the zone. Unless you’ve got something really important to say, or they’re a friend of yours, just let them get on with it. You can always grab them post-workout for a chat anyway!

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