Welcome back to Brio!

Entrances and Exits

Each centre will now have multiple entrances, each with its own pathway through the centre to its corresponding area or activity. Exits will work in the same way.

Every activity on our timetables will display an entrance next to it – Make sure you arrive and wait at the corresponding entrance to be allowed into the centre for your activity.


To ensure our centres can run as smoothly as possible, all activities will need to be pre-booked online, via the app or by phone. PAYG customers will need to pre-pay online too. We won’t have reception desks so won’t be able to let anyone in who hasn’t already booked for a session. Bookings can be made 7 days prior to an activity taking place.

Gym sessions are limited to 55 minutes, with 5 minutes to leave the building after your workout. We’re looking at ways to add more flexibility to gym workouts by adding additional slots, so bear with us!

Swim sessions are 45 minutes with 15 minutes to use the changing facilities before you leave.

Activities are all in new areas and may mean entering through different entrances, remember to check the timetable before you arrive to make sure you arrive at the right door.

Changing Rooms

Changing facilities are now open for all users from 6.30am – 9.00am. This is so gym and class users have the option to get changed and shower after their workouts. However, we ask that if possible, customers still arrive at the centre ready to exercise and change/shower afterwards at home if possible.

Outside of these hours, changing facilities will only be available after swimming sessions, for a 15 minute period. After this, you’ll be led through the corresponding exit out of the building.

Swimmers will arrive and leave their clothes and belongings in a basket on poolside.

Toilets will be open to all customers but the toilet entrance door will remain open and only one customer is permitted at a time.

Face Coverings

We ask that you wear a face-covering at all times inside of our centres to help keep everyone safe. You won’t need to wear one when undertaking your activity.

This is part of our next phase of opening, in which we begin to allow more people into our centres.

Staff will be wearing face coverings too, but we don’t have the resources to hand out complimentary face coverings to visitors, so please remember to bring yours!

We’re monitoring government guidelines and are working in accordance with their guidance on face-covering types as well as exemptions. Our team will always remain welcoming to you, and if you’re ever unsure of anything then feel free to ask.


Lane Swimming

We have some specific rules for our new Lane Swimming sessions, which we ask you to follow to help ensure a safe environment:

  • Please follow the directional signage
  • Always maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers
  • Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching
  • If stopping for a rest, keep yourself at the edge of the lane so others can turn at the wall. Maintain social distance too!
  • Please only remain in the lane that you’ve been assigned.

Family Swimming

Family Swim sessions are running, and are currently restricted to groups containing people from the same household or same bubble. As with all sessions, these will need to be booked online which you can do here.

These 45-minute family sessions work by booking a specific section of the swimming pool, which you and your group will then remain in. With up to 6 people allowed per group, this is plenty of space to have some fun! As it’s a group activity to book your own exclusive area of the pool, it’s the same price whether there are six swimmers, or just one. This also means that members would need to pay for this type of booking as well but both members and non-members are able to book and enjoy this session together!

The 6 people in your group must be in the same household or bubble, in line with government guidelines. We don’t currently allow spectators so everyone in the group must get in the pool.

We also offer some smaller sessions for families of 3 at a reduced rate too, so look out for those on our bookings page!

As with our other swimming sessions, you’ll need to arrive “beach ready” to change on poolside. After your swim, you’ll get access to the changing rooms and to the showers to rinse.

Finally, the flume at Northwich Memorial Court will be in use during Family Swim sessions! Social distancing rules must be adhered to when queuing for the flume.

Swimming Lessons

We’ve put together some information below which will help you understand some of the changes we’ve made to ensure a safe environment for both you and your child. For more information, just use our Contact Form to message your local centre.


  • Please arrive with your child beach ready, wearing easy clothes for quick changing. Don’t forget a bag to put the clothes in while swimming as lockers won’t be available.
  • Showers won’t be available at the end of the lesson but the changing rooms will be open for your child to get changed.


  • Parents will need to wear flip flops on poolside or be prepared to remove their footwear while in this area.
  • Parents will be able to spectate where social distancing allows. If this isn’t possible then our staff will let you know drop off and collection arrangements.
  • For social distancing purposes, only one adult should bring the child. Babes in arms are permitted.


  • All teaching will be from poolside.
  • Children will have their own equipment for the duration of the lesson, and it will all be disinfected after the lesson has ended.
  • Children need to put their own goggles on or get assistance from parents, teachers cannot help.
  • A one-way system will be in place, please adhere to this at all times.
  • Stage movements will be done over the phone or by email with the centre team. Badges can be purchases over the phone and can be collected at your next lesson

Racquet Sports

Badminton and Squash are back in our centres and we know you’re excited to play! We aren’t able to hire out racquets, shuttlecocks or balls so please remember to bring your own.


  • Singles and doubles matches can be played. Rule of 6 should be followed, or if more than 6 people then they should be from no more than 2 households.

Table Tennis

  • Table Tennis can only be played singles, and only by those in the same household or bubble


  • Adults can play with one person from the same household or bubble

Athletics Track

The Athletic Track at Ellesmere Port Sports Village is now open for customers to use again. You’ll need to book and pay for your session, which you can do online here.

Customers need to arrive at Entrance A to be checked in before going to the black gate to enter the track area. A member of staff will let you in.

We ask that you sanitise your hands and adhere to social distancing at all times. Lanes 1, 3 and 5 will be in use to ensure enough space is kept between runners.

Please bring your own water bottle as the fountains won’t be in use. Trackside toilets won’t be open but you’ll be able to use the toilets in the centre. Please follow the one-way system.

Customers shouldn’t book to use the track if they or any of their household are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.


Other Information

To ensure we can keep things as safe as possible, some other facilities in our centres will not be in use. These include:

  • Cafes
  • Vending machines
  • Water fountains
  • Other bookings/facilities outside of the ones mentioned in the previous sections.

Some air conditioning units that recycle interior air are advised to be kept off, and so these will not be in use. However, many of our units in centres take in fresh air from outside and bring it in. These are safe and approved so we’ll be keeping these on to help you stay cool during your workout.

We’re unable to allow spectators for indoor activities currently, except for carers and those in a safeguarding capacity, which equates to one adult per child.

As part of our commitment to working with the Test and Trace scheme, we will gather information for customers attending activities. The easiest way for you to do this is to scan the QR codes in the building using the NHS Test and Trace app. For family bookings, we don’t need to record information for anyone under 16.

Due to our health and safety measures, we’re unable to store any items in our lost property and they must be disposed of immediately. We know this isn’t ideal, but it’s a requirement in order for us to keep our centres safe, so please take extra care of your belongings! 


We know this is going to be a bit of a change from what you’re used to so we’ve put together some handy guidelines below that cover your new journey through your Brio centre. Please give these a read before your first visit.

Your New Brio Journey

Before Your Visit

  • Pre-shower for your swim session at home as showers are only available after swimming. You can now use toiletries such as shampoos and shower gels.
  • If you’re coming straight from work, please bring wipes to remove makeup and perfume/aftershave.
  • Please arrive in your workout gear, or with your swimming costume on under your clothes as changing rooms are only available after swimming sessions.
  • If you’re doing a fitness class, please bring along your own mat.
  • Bring enough water for your full workout as water fountains will not be in use.
  • Minimise personal possessions as lockers will not be available.
  • You need to arrive on time for your session at the designated entrance as doors will close 5 minutes after the session begins. Try not to arrive more than 10 minutes early if possible, this allows us to maintain safe social distancing.
  • Car park barriers will all be open so you can drive straight in, with the exception of Northwich Memorial Court. We advise you to have gloves and/or sanitiser to operate this barrier.

While You're Here

  • Your session will have a designated entrance by it in the timetable so this is where you’ll need to enter the building.
  • Please remove gloves upon entering the building and sanitise your hands.
  • We need your help to keep our buildings COVID Secure, so we ask that you wipe down gym kit before and after you use it.
  • Towels are not permitted in the gym, and programme cards will not be available. Premier, WorkFit and Concessionary members can set their own programmes on the mobile app with the new workouts feature.

On Your Way Out

  • Please follow the one-way system and leave in an orderly fashion
  • We’ve worked hard to ensure our buildings are safe and hygienic for you. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please contact us.