Winsford’s ‘pushy mums’ in fitness craze!20 Jan

Winsford’s ‘pushy mums’ in fitness craze!

Winsford women taking part in a new fitness craze, are giving new meaning to the phrase ‘pushy mums’.

Armed with babies and buggies the group take part in outdoor exercise classes and guided pram walks – designed to get them in shape, develop confidence and make new friends.

Last year Brio Leisure came up with the innovative idea of working with young mums to offer an inclusive and fun baby-friendly activity, and were successful in bidding for the Active Anywhere funding stream from Active Cheshire to deliver these sessions in partnership with the local Children’s Centre in Winsford. The Buggy Burn & Firm sessions are organised and run by instructors from Brio Leisure, the community interest group that manages Winsford Lifestyle Centre.

Winsford Lifestyle Centre Fitness Lead, Lydia Morgan said the sessions were an ideal way of new mums getting in shape while exercising with their babies.

“The classes are designed to give mothers a chance to get fit without the stress of finding a babysitter, while also providing a fun, social setting.

“Many new mums, who were very active before their pregnancy, find it difficult to maintain that motivation after their baby arrives. Others may suffer from post natal depression and find it hard to interact socially,” she added.

The Buggy Burn & Firm mums use the Greenfields Children’s Centre on Whitby Lane, Winsford, as a base. Sessions involve guided walks, interspersed with a range of cardio and strength building exercises, from traditional push ups and squats through to boxing and ‘baby-lifts’ – using their children as resistance weights.

New mum Eve Stachowiak, a 28-year-old sales team leader from Winsford, says the class is perfect for anyone with a baby wanting to improve their fitness.

“Because you can bring baby along with you, there are no concerns over finding baby-sitters, plus you are in a group of women who are in exactly the same position as you,” said Eve, whose son Leon is now four months old.

Eve’s weight went from just over eight and a half stones to 12 and a half stones during her pregnancy. Since having the baby and joining the class she has lost nearly three stones and is aiming to lose more before her wedding day in June.

“Many of my neighbours are a lot older than me and we don’t have a lot in common. Since coming to the Buggy Burn & Firm’ sessions I’ve made a lot of new friends. We share the same fitness goals but also can share advice on the children,” she added.

The Buggy Burn & Firm sessions are held every Monday morning from 10.00am. For more information contact Winsford Lifestyle Centre. or to register your interest in the sessions please contact Greenfields Children’s Centre.


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