Why should you start using kettlebells today?10 Dec

Why should you start using kettlebells today?

Kettlebells are a simple, yet effective, exercise that can test and build both your strength and stamina.

Using kettlebells is cheap and a way for you to not only work out one area of your body, but to target so many other areas too!

Why are kettlebells effective?

The machines in the gym draw us in when we walk into the gym rather than the free weights, these seem more accessible and beneficial of our time because they’re simple and don’t take long to learn how to use them.

However, with kettlebells, you can learn a couple of exercises that will hugely benefit your routine within a few minutes! These handy weights use muscles that you will work with daily outside of the gym, just a couple of exercises using a kettlebell could make your daily routine a lot easier.

Not only are they quick to learn and work muscles that would benefit your daily life, but kettlebells work your whole body. Kettlebells build you full-body strength as working with building up endurance, flexibility and your core.

As you work out with these exercises and your strength and endurance increases, instead of upgrading your weights to something higher, increase the number of reps that you do for each workout or increase the difficulty of the workout. With kettlebells, you don’t need to change the heaviness of the weight continually. Instead, you can work with increasing elements of the exercises you’re doing so that these push your body further!

Kettlebell workouts are quick and safe, but you can increase the safety of these by making sure your grip is always secure on the kettlebell, or by using straps! This is just another way to get the most out of workouts.

Exercises using kettlebells can be anywhere! Inside, outside or at the gym! Of course, with the winter months arriving you’re more likely to be inside. However, use this time to get your body moving and strong, so you can head outside with your kettlebells as soon as it starts to get sunny and warm.

If you’re stuck in a 9-5 job, kettlebells are perfect for you to improve your posture and work on keeping your back strong and straight! Kettlebell swing exercises don’t put a strain on your back, knees or hips unlike deadlifts and squats can do.

Just remember to keep your exercises simple but effective, don’t try anything to fancy but work on the easier exercises that push your body to increase endurance!

Especially for those with an old injury or as you grow older, these exercises can benefit you too. As well as the workouts being simple and good for posture, they increase your balance as the funny shape of the kettlebell requires you to spend more time on making sure you are balanced and rooted when completing the exercises.

If you want to include these into your daily routine, just chat with one of our fantastic gym staff so they can show you a few quick exercises! With our Focus Move Evolve plan, you can add this into a personalised fitness plan tailored to you with the help of our team; or use our blog on creating your own ultimate workout plan!

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