Why Brio is Your Perfect Fit!1 Jul

Why Brio is Your Perfect Fit!

Our latest special offer is a good one: Join now and pay just £20 per month for your first three months!

We’re pretty confident that we’re the type of place that anyone and everyone can enjoy fitness with. We really do fit everyone, so read on to find out all of the reasons why Brio is your perfect fit this summer!

Everyone is welcome:

No matter how old or young you are, Brio is the place for you! With classes and equipment to help you on your fitness journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way! Our classes are for anyone and offer varying levels of intensity, so whether you suffer from an injury or are ready to throw yourself into fitness we have something for YOU!

Our Brio Instructors are here to help:

With everything you do at Brio, you never have to go about it alone! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and instructors are always on hand to support you through an intense workout, or give you tips on how the next aqua class will help you out. Brio instructors are all supportive, friendly and inclusive; they want you to get the most out of your fitness journey!

There is always something for everyone:

If you love dancing, head to one of our amazing Zumba or Clubbercise classes; if that’s not for you we have a varied range of gym equipment in our 8 gyms! We have so much to offer you and you will never run out of new and fun things to try out at Brio. Socialise with friends or enjoy a relaxing solo swim – it is up to you! Unsure of what would suit you? Just ask one of our amazing Brio staff to give you some recommendations of what you could get up to or start your fitness journey with. Everyone has their favourite ways to workout, and it’s fun to share!

Focus Move Evolve:

With our specialist gym programme you can reach your fitness goals with the support and encouragement of our instructors! It is free to all Premier Brio Members to help you kickstart your fitness journey with professional advice and plenty of motivation to keep you going.

What we offer:

At Brio you have access to so much it’s hard to know where to begin! With 8 gyms to choose from and 6 pools, you have a range of centres to visit and use. There are also over 550 weekly fitness classes, including classics like Brio Cycle and Zumba through to more unusual workouts such as Vibe Cycle and Clubbercise! You’ll also have access to racquet sports – perfect if you’re looking to settle a debate with your partner or prove your superiority to your mates!


Alongside our adult membership offer, Juniors can join for only £10! This is a great way to get keep them happy and healthy through the summer. Juniors have are able to work out in the gym or pool, and over 14s can even take part in fitness classes! Plus they can bring their buddies along for racquet sports such as badminton!

Don’t miss out on this limited deal! Enjoy the benefits of a Premier Membership for only £20 per month! Click here to sign up now.

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