A Guide To Functional Strength Training7 Feb

A Guide To Functional Strength Training

Staying fit means embracing new and exciting ways to stay strong and resilient in the ever-changing fitness world. Gaining popularity at the moment is functional strength training. Unlike conventional workouts that isolate specific muscle groups, functional training focuses on enhancing overall functionality, making daily tasks and activities more effortless. Winner!

What is Functional Strength Training:

Functional strength training revolves around movements that replicate real-life activities, providing a holistic approach to fitness. Think lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling – the actions we perform regularly. The main idea is to use many muscles at once, which helps with strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Benefits for everyday life using functional movements.

The beauty of functional strength training lies in its easiness to add into your daily life. If you like fitness, sports, or just want to move better, this method has many advantages. Having good posture and a strong core helps prevent risk of injury and improves athletic performance by strengthening core muscles.

Functional Fitness Workout:

Now, let’s add some functional strength and conditioning into your routine:


Squats: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and squat as if sitting back into a chair. Try to keep your back straight. This movement targets the lower body and engages the core.


Lunges: Take a step forward, bending both knees to a 90-degree angle. Alternate legs to target different muscle groups. Lunges improve balance and strengthen the legs.



Deadlifts: Hinge at your hips, maintaining a straight back, lower the weight down, then powerfully squeeze your glutes to lift it back up, engaging the posterior chain and targeting the hamstrings and lower back.


Push-ups: A classic exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, push-ups improve upper body strength and core stability. Try them both narrow or wide!



Pull-ups: Use a sturdy bar to lift your body, engaging the upper body and back muscles. Adjust difficulty by using assistance or resistance bands.


Making functional exercise work for you.

The variety of functional strength training makes it accessible to individuals of all fitness levels. Start with bodyweight exercises, gradually adding weights or resistance as you progress. Consistency and proper form are key to reaping the full benefits.

By training in a way that mirrors everyday movement patterns, you not only build strength but also enhance your overall wellbeing. Whether at the gym or at home, functional strength training gives you the strength to handle life’s challenges. Unleash your everyday strength and embrace a fitter, more resilient you.

For more information on functional training speak to a member of our fitness team in one of our Brio Leisure centres across Cheshire West & Chester! Not yet a member? We offer PAYG and membership options too, view our memberships page here for more details.

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