Which milk is the best for you?5 Mar

Which milk is the best for you?

There are so many different types of milk; anything from cow’s milk to soy milk to almond milk, how can you know which is the healthiest?

Knowing what the best milk is for you can be tricky; it all depends on your diet, allergies and more!

Keep reading to find out more about the different types of milk.

Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is a natural source of protein and calcium; having this natural source also means that it is less likely to have been in contact with antibiotics and pesticides.

Skimmed or full-fat?

Most people would reach for the skimmed milk as the healthier option when choosing between skimmed and full-fat milk; despite being lower in calories and fat, you could be missing out on some of the vitamins and minerals in full-fat milk!

It is usually a personal preference between the two; some people don’t like full-fat milk as much as skimmed.

Lactose-free milk

Lactose-free milk is cow’s milk that has had the lactose taken out of it, a lactase enzyme is added as a substitute. Lactase enzymes are located in the border of the small intestine; they help your body break down whole milk and the lactose.

A2 cow’s milk

Cow’s milk contains various proteins that are absorbed by the body; a group of these proteins is called caseins, and the two main caseins are A1 and A2. A1 caseins can often cause discomfort in your stomach, so if you’re struggling to know whether or not you’re lactose intolerant, try A2 milk!

Soy milk

Soy milk is an excellent option for people who don’t have dairy; it is a way of getting calcium and vitamins as well as protein! Soy milk can be relatively low in fat compared to cow’s milk and can be used to help with cholesterol levels; you can even find some soy milk contains extra vitamins too.

Almond milk

For anyone avoiding animal products, this is a perfect substitute for animal milk! Almond milk is filled with vitamins and minerals, as well as many brands adding B12 to their almond milk. Some brands won’t include as many almonds as others and find substitutes, so make sure you check the labels to find the best milk suited to you!

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is lower in protein than other kinds of milk and can also contain higher levels of saturated fats. If you are looking to start including coconut milk into your diet, look out for the milk containing added calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Oat milk

Oat milk is another fantastic vegan milk option! It is low in saturated fats and contains oats enriched with vitamins and calcium. It is perfect in coffees as this milk doesn’t split when it gets too hot.


The best option for you depends on your diet, tolerance to dairy and more! Take into account any health conditions you might have as well before trying different options of milk; adding some variety to the type of milk you have might help you find the perfect and healthiest option for you!

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