We found some amazing healthy meals to help you out!8 Feb

We found some amazing healthy meals to help you out!

Struggling to know what you can and can’t eat to be healthier? Counting calories, using weight watchers meals and so many other ways to see what you’re eating can be a real struggle!

We have some great breakfast and dinner meals that are perfect for you! Enjoy picking a couple of our top meals and not having to worry about what the best thing to eat is.

Green Eggs:

This colourful breakfast meal will really wake you up!

Packed with protein and fibre, enjoy a tasty meal to start your day.

Brio Bites – green eggs

Fruit and Oat Pot:

With this fruit and oat pot, you can choose any type of fruit you want to spice up your breakfast!

Enjoy a sweet breakfast that will see you through until lunch – no need to snack!

Brio Bites – Oats & Fruit

Sesame Butterflied Chicken:

Enjoy a Chinese infused meal with this sesame chicken dish!

Packed with loads of protein and under 500 calories.

Brio Bites – seasame chicken

Summer Vegetable Curry:

Under 300 calories, packed with tasty vegetables and low in fat! What more do you want?

Brio Bites – Summer Vegetable Curry


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