Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What is the difference?25 Mar

Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What is the difference?

Why are more people leaning towards this lifestyle?

You know the key aspects of both vegan and vegetarianism, and for meat lovers this can scare you off. But don’t stop before you know the advantages!

Being a vegetarian is a great lifestyle choice and can also help bridge your way to becoming a vegan; but which is best for you?

Both introduce more experimental dishes through using substitute fruit and veg to tickle your taste buds, and the list of possibilities is endless!

What are the benefits of these lifestyles?

Being vegetarian has many health benefits, such as more energy and better health with the increase of vitamins and nutrients. Through choosing right with what to eat you can decrease the risk of multiple heart problems and lower your blood pressure.

Likewise, veganism appeals to many, not only with the idea of a healthier lifestyle but also helping the environment around us. Using fewer animal products can have a huge impact on the environment!

The health benefits are also appealing with the lower risk of many conditions, especially heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. However, with the lack of dairy products and eggs, being a vegan can also lead to a lack of calcium and iron.

This can easily be solved!

There are so many different ways to grab your vitamins and nutrients! Through tablets and bars that many fitness and wellbeing shops and companies offer, it’s always easy to top up on vital nutrients. Plus, for vegetarians, you can find calcium and iron through some animal products such as milk and cheese, so can get them directly through your diet.

Both vegetarian and vegan diets can lack in B12, but then again so do lots of meat eaters! Try using coconut milk as your milk substitute for an animal-free source of B12.

It’s all up to you though! If you aren’t up for the complete lifestyle change then don’t forget you can swap out some of your usual meals to a vegan meal for the day! Let your creativity take over.

So for vegan vs vegetarian it’s more about what is suited to you and your daily diet!

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