Top 6 reasons why you should try Focus Move Evolve20 Feb

Top 6 reasons why you should try Focus Move Evolve

Having a goal is always the first step of starting your fitness journey; however, finding a way to reach this can be tricky.

With Focus Move Evolve, we can help support you through your first steps of reaching your goal! Find out 6 reasons why you should try Focus Move Evolve now.

  1. It’s Free! With our Premier Membership, you get our Focus Move Evolve programme for free. It’s a perfect way for you to start your fitness journey and get to know some of our incredible gym staff too.
  2. A qualified Gym Instructor helps plan your programme! No need to worry about whether you’re going to understand the programme, our Gym Instructors will walk through all the exercises with you to make sure you know what to do and without injuring yourself too.
  3. It is entirely personalised to your needs. Let the Gym Instructor know all the key areas you want to work on, and they will plan the programme around you! Focusing on your key areas, they’ll find all the equipment that will help you as well as what you feel the most comfortable doing.
  4. Not only is your programme personal, but it is so easy to adapt! If you feel like you need an extra push, you can easily up the number of reps you do, or find a harder way to complete the exercise.
  5. If you want to adapt your workouts but aren’t sure how to, there are check-ups after two weeks! This is perfect for you to check whether all the exercises are working for you, and what you can do to improve further.
  6. You can see how far you have come! Look back to your first exercises and see how much stronger you are now alongside the help and support of our Gym Instructors!

If you’re looking to start Focus Move Evolve, head into the gym and chat to one of the instructors there. They’ll be able to book you a slot so you can spend some time with a Gym Instructor, working out what you need to start your fitness journey.

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