The difference between Pilates and Yoga24 Oct

The difference between Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga are amazing workouts that can help push your body and muscles, while still being a low-impact workout! But what is the difference between them?

Both Pilates and Yoga target the muscles you don’t usually engage and can’t sometimes access through regular exercise. Though both targeting unusual muscle groups, they do this is different ways to provide different results.


Pilates builds up your body control and flexibility; however, it emphasises core strength, including muscle toning, and a great way to build muscle and lose weight. Although Pilates is excellent for weight loss, you have to make sure you keep up this workout regularly to feel the full benefits.

Pilates is quite a structured workout compared to Yoga, so you’ll be able to learn a routine that you can repeat daily. There are less repetition and holding of poses and more concentration on the control and precision to get all your muscles working than in Yoga.

Pilates can be great for older people or anyone recovering from injuries because of the low-impact nature. These exercises can be increased in difficulty or kept at a low standard when needed! People of all abilities can enjoy a Pilates class together by going at their rate!


Yoga is fantastic for positive thinking and focuses more on breathing and balance. Yoga offers both high and low impact movements, giving you a chance to start slow if you and an opportunity to build your way up.

As Yoga concentrates on the mind and body, it has been known to help with some mental health issues like anxiety and depression and can help with concentration too. Because of the concentration on mind and body, Yoga holds poses for longer as a way to focus on yourself and not only the exercise you are doing.

Yoga can be perfect for the mobility of joints, and all exercises and poses can be modified to suit you!

Both Yoga and Pilates are great to build your muscles, core stability and flexibility and are easy ways to start yourself into exercise! Why don’t you give one of them a try?

Find out more about when Yoga and Pilates are on here!

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