The 4 Reasons Your Company Should Get WorkFit20 Apr

The 4 Reasons Your Company Should Get WorkFit

Many of us spend a good chunk of our lives at work, so it’s important that both employees and employers are happy and energised in the workplace!

Keeping healthy and regularly exercising can be a major benefit for everyone in the workplace. We’ve took a look at how having happy employees and employers creates a better working environment:

Fewer sick days

Everyone has a sick day now and then – it’s inevitable. Taking too many though can cause problems when you’re meant to be in work! No one likes ringing up their boss telling them they won’t be in today, and as an employer it can throw a spanner in the works if you’ve got an employee off. A great way to reduce sicknesses is to be physically fit and active! Those that exercise regularly tend to be more resistant to any illnesses going around, which leads to less sick days. That means no awkward phone calls trying to explain your Man-flu!

More confidence

When you feel good about yourself and your health, it makes you more confident. This inspires others around you to be happy, confident and positive too – it’s infectious! An active office is a happy office!

Less stress

It’s easy to feel stressed at work sometimes and this can be difficult for you and people around you. Exercise and other physical activity produces endorphins: chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and overall reduce stress. Less stress equals a more productive workforce!

Encouraging fitness

For employers, encouraging active lifestyle for your employees shows them you value them. It’s also something that all parts of the business can get involved in! If the boss is passionate about something then the employees are likely to agree and get on board. Our WorkFit membership is also a great benefit for your staff that comes at no cost to the company but the savings are there for everyone to take advantage of!

At Brio Leisure we offer our WorkFit corporate discount to any company that has 10 or more employees joining on the scheme. This also extends to family members too!

Take a look at our WorkFit page to see the full list of companies that are already on the scheme. If your company is on there, you can sign up for a discounted membership straight away! Don’t worry if your company isn’t there though, you just need to pop an email over to our Corporate Sales Officer who will look at getting you set up.

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