Stay Active For Less17 Oct

Stay Active For Less

Looking for some freebies to keep active this winter and save some pennies? Well, look no further 👀


That’s why we’ve created the Stay Active 4 Less Hub. We know things are getting more expensive, but we want to make sure you can stay active and healthy whilst saving a few quid.

Free Recipe Cards 🍝 that’s dinner sorted!

We have some delicious and cheap recipes to make for the whole family or to freeze and serve up again as leftovers, how delish do these sound 😋

Free Online Workouts with our Fitness Instructors 🏋️

Fancy a workout in your living room or even outside if you are brave 🥶 we have our workouts fully streamable on YouTube so try it out and we hope to see you in a class next time!

🧘‍♀️ Find your inner peace in Yoga with Urska

🥊 Push the limits in a Brio combat class with Mel


Top Energy saving tips to help you this Winter ⚡

We know it’s a worrying time ahead, so hopefully, these tips give you a little bit extra to help with the increased cost of living. Look out for some more tips on our socials 🤗


Access our Stay Active For Less Hub NOW !


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