Quick tips on how the gym can help your student life today!30 Sep

Quick tips on how the gym can help your student life today!

Starting university comes with various stresses; returning to university can be just as hard! Exercise is an excellent way for you to reduce stress and keep your mind relaxed.

Here is how taking a fitness class or just heading to the gym can help!

Exercise reduces stress and boosts your brain

Exercising releases endorphins, helping to reduce pain and increase positivity and keeping you motivated to study. Working out is a fantastic stress-relief, especially when dealing with the anxieties of starting university or with the anticipation of workload. If you’re unable to go to the gym, try walking to university, or the shops to give you the extra exercise you need.

Exercise improves concentration

Exercising for as little as 20 minutes a day can help improve your concentration and focus on what you’re learning. A quick jog around campus or even a few yoga poses in your room before lectures can enhance your concentration and mood.

Exercise offers time out

If you’re ever looking for time to relax or escape university life for a bit, the gym can help you take a step back and focus on you! When university is tricky, trying a fitness class can also give you the motivation to head back to work once you have spent a little time to yourself.

Exercise kickstarts your day

As winter approaches and it starts getting darker, you can find it harder to get out of bed or find the motivation to go out. Going to the gym is a fantastic way to jump out of bed and get your day started. Getting you out of bed and waking you up, helping you to boost your brain for the day.

Exercise is a great way to make friends

When starting university, it can be hard making friends. However, heading to the gym with other people who love to go is a great way to get some support and create new friendships. Even going to fitness classes can help you make friends as well as trying something new you wouldn’t have tried before!

Exercise improves physical health

Everyone knows that exercise is perfect for your physical health! Increasing your physical health is excellent to give you a boost, keeping your energy levels high. Maintaining energy levels can help with staying on top of lectures and workload, helping you stay healthy and energised too.


Check out our student memberships to get you started with the gym! Bring along a friend or check out a fitness class and meet someone new.


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