Rock the Christmas Jumper look this year!9 Nov

Rock the Christmas Jumper look this year!

Bad Christmas jumpers have become a staple of the office Christmas party over the last few years, and for good reason! It puts everyone in the festive spirit and everyone gets to have a good laugh over who has the tackiest or most over-the-top jumper.

We think you can still look amazing in a bad jumper too though, so we thought we’d put together a few exercises that’ll have you absolutely rocking the Christmas jumper look this year.

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So, onto the exercises…

Reverse barbell curls

One thing about Christmas jumpers – they can get quite hot, especially when you’re dancing or stood in a crowded bar. If you want to look hot without turning into a sweaty mess, doing some exercises that’ll work your forearms will ensure you’re ready for when you need to roll your sleeves up to cool down.

Reverse curls are great for your forearms, and they’re dead simple to do. Just pop some plates onto the barbell, grab it overhand at whatever width is comfortable for you, then keep your upper arms against your sides and curl the bar. You’ll be looking good in no time, and the added strength in your forearms will make other workouts more effective too!

Side lateral raises

If you’re looking to fill out your Christmas jumper a bit, then working on your shoulders is a good way to do it! Side lateral raises will have your shoulders looking good in no time.

Just grab a pair of dumbbells and plant your feet firmly at shoulder width. Hold the dumbbells in front of you with your thumbs pointed forwards, then with a slight bend in your elbow, raise the bells up to just above your shoulders. You should look like a big capital T at the apex of the movement. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat.


If you just want to blast some belly fat before the big party, then look no further than crunches. Doing these will have you looking fine in your festive jumper (or as fine as someone with a bad Christmas jumper can look, anyway).

Start off with a simple crunch. Lie on the ground with your legs in the air, bent at the knee in a right angle. Breathe in, then exhale as you bring your upper torso off the floor. Then inhale again as you go back down, and exhale as you come up. Repeat these and weave them into all your workouts as a foundation for a strong core. You only need to raise your upper body a few inches off the ground, don’t try and fully sit up as you could injure your back.

Mix things up regularly with a few variations to get even better results too! Try adding in twists, vertical crunches or side crunches to make things a bit tougher.

So, focus on including these (or similar exercises) in your workouts between now and the office party and you’ll be looking fab in your jumper on the day! And if you join us today, you’ll only be paying £1 for November so now’s the perfect time to start working out

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