Power up your workouts with Power Plates! 13 Dec

Power up your workouts with Power Plates!

You may have seen this unusual looking piece of equipment in a couple of our gyms; despite looking odd Power Plates can be really beneficial!

Power Plates are machines that exercise your muscles at high speed through vibrations; they make your muscles contract and relax in the same way they would through intense movement. Through doing this, they can help tone your body and increase your stability.

Despite being high energy pieces of equipment, you can tailor them to you. Raising or lowering the speed of the vibrations can help you get used to the equipment, as well as ensuring you don’t injure yourself, especially while you’re getting used to using them.

Power Plates are great for cooling down too! By doing stretches on them, you not only cool your body down after a workout but improve your balance as you maintain stability on the machine.

You can get a full-body workout when using this equipment by taking your usual workout and trying them on the Power Plates. Test out your stamina and try something new!

When you see this equipment in your local centre, go and give it a try! Grab a member of our amazing team to help explain some great exercises, or just on how to use the equipment. Please note that with some conditions, it might not be best to use this equipment. If you know you have a condition, please chat with our staff to make sure that you’ll be safe! Watch this video for a couple of exercise ideas and give them a go.


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