Meet Sharon, our Customer of the Month!6 Jul

Find out how Sharon changed her life with help from the Brio Leisure Team!

Living round the corner from the building, Northwich Memorial Court was the natural choice for Sharon when she decided she wanted to get fit! She’d heard about our WorkFit corporate discount and decided to take advantage of the discounted membership price. Upon entering the centre, she instantly hit it off with the staff – “They were very friendly on my initial visit and I was treated like a real person” she says.

She has lost a huge 68lbs since April 2015 and now loves the feeling of being able to go clothes shopping anywhere! Sharon worked hard to achieve this, but says she also benefitted greatly from the help of the team at Northwich Memorial Court; ”They listened to me and suggested the best programme and classes to help me achieve my goals and targets” she said. Finding the right workout for you is important, and at Brio Leisure we’re always happy to help any way we can!

Now’s the perfect time for you to try us out too, with our fantastic value Summer Sculpt special offer currently running! For just £20.00, you can enjoy a full Brio Premier Membership for all of July and August! That gives you access to all of our facilities, ensuring you can get the most variety from your workouts! For some tips on how to get some truly impressive results, read on to find out how Sharon reached her goals.

How does Sharon work out?

It’s all about fitness classes for her! Not everyone feels comfortable in the gym and fitness classes are the ideal way to exercise in a fun, social environment with like-minded people! Sharon attends most of the Body Combat and Body Pump classes that we run at Northwich Memorial Court and she loves everything from the exercises, to the people in the classes and the inspiring instructors too.

What keeps Sharon motivated?

Sharon joined Weight Watchers in April 2015 and soon started to realise that part of being healthy is having a balanced diet as well as keeping fit and active. It opened her eyes to see what foods contain and the amount of hidden fats and sugars that we just don’t realise are there. She says “I have become more conscious when out shopping”. Knowing whats good for you is key to creating a balanced diet and this is something that Sharon is considering more now.

Sharon has very strong willpower too, and this is what really keeps her motivated! She sets herself goals and is determined to reach them. This is a great way of sticking to your new healthy eating and exercise routine, and remember, you may think it’s impossible but it’s definitely not! Sharon is proof of that herself!

Sharon’s tips for staying healthy!

Sample menu

Breakfast: Decaf coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar. Cereal – either shredded wheat or porridge.

Lunch: Cracker breads and low fat cheese spread.

Dinner: Steamed chicken or fish, boiled potatoes and vegetables.

So, that’s Sharon, our Customer of the Month! We love hearing stories like this, and we know you all do too. If seen some huge changes to your body and lifestyle after working out with us, get in touch – we’d love to feature you!

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