Meet our Member of the Month – Lee McCaffrey10 Feb

Meet our Member of the Month – Lee McCaffrey

Let’s take a look at another incredible success story from our customers!

Age 27

Height 6ft 1

Original Weight 24 stone and 9 lbs

Current Weight 13 stone 1 lb

How Lee did it

Before Lee started his weight loss journey, he admits he didn’t give much thought to what he ate. Portion size wasn’t something he considered, so he often ended up eating far more than needed. He’d have lots of takeaways too and would regularly get through 2 or 3 2ltr bottles of fizzy drinks a day. This coupled with a lack of exercise meant that weight gain was inevitable.

A few years ago Lee proposed to his partner, and they made the joint decision to get fit and healthy ready for their wedding day. They chose to use the old EPIC Leisure Centre as it was close to home, and for Lee, it was a short walk from work too. While he was quite shy when he first started using it, he quickly found that the gym staff were so friendly and helpful that it built his confidence up in no time. They also went to the gym together, which is a great way of supporting each other and staying motivated.

Lee started off by doing 5 days of cardio a week in order to lose weight. He also completely cut out fizzy drinks, and noticed a difference in his weight almost instantly from that change alone. And instead of buying takeaways, he started making all his food himself, including all sauces and dressing. Nothing comes out of a packet or jar for Lee now, it’s all homemade, and gluten free to suit his dietary requirements.

When he first started, he tried cycling the 1 mile from home to work, and found it a struggle. He now enjoys 50 mile bike rides, so you can see just how much his fitness has improved! Now that he’s maintaining his current weight he’s dropped to 2 days of cardio and 3 days of strength training.

So what are some of Lee’s top tips?

Calories aren’t everything!

It’s just as important to focus on putting good food in your body, rather than low calorie rubbish.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

We still treat ourselves to one Chinese takeaway a month, on payday. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, and you don’t need to completely forbid yourself from having these things.

Do what’s right for you

Lee said that lots of his friends are into body building and weight lifting and he’s tried it but it wasn’t for him. As long as you’re getting results, do what you enjoy.

How does Lee stay motivated?

Old photographs are a big motivator for Lee, “You don’t want to go back to being like that”, he says. Being an active dad is also motivating for him, as he wants to be able to play with his kids without getting out of breath. He now uses the Ellesmere Port Sports Village and loves the facilities there.

What was Lee’s biggest change?

He noticed the biggest changes in his stomach and waist. He dropped from a 44 inch to a 30 inch waist! He says it’s great because you can walk into almost any clothing store and buy trousers easily.

Sample foods

Breakfast: Porridge, sometimes with berries or protein powder for flavour

Lunch: Tuna salad, steak and eggs, or something similar. Usually a combo of meat and vegetables

Dinner: Chilli with quinoa

We loved hearing about Lee’s story – between him and his partner they lost almost 20 stone in time for their wedding which is an absolutely amazing achievement! Take a look at our Member Journey to see how we can help you reach your fitness goals, and our Membership Options to chose the membership that’s right for you.

Bonus Picture!

Here’s a before & after shot of Lee and his partner. It really is an incredible change, isn’t it?


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