How to Stay Healthy on Holiday: Top 5 Tips!5 Jul

How to Stay Healthy on Holiday: Top 5 Tips!

Are you going on holiday this summer? If you’ve got something booked then we’re sure that you’re looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

If you’ve spent the last 6 months or so dieting and exercising to get to a point where you feel comfortable on the beach, there’s no sense in letting all that hard work get undone while you’re on holiday! We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but if you’re mindful of a few things then it can make easing back into your healthy living routine post-holiday a bit easier:

1. Drink plenty of water

This seems like something obvious that you should do everyday anyway, but keeping hydrated throughout the holiday is very important when visiting hot countries! Skip the fizzy drinks throughout the day, as they won’t hydrate you as effectively and just stick to water. Plus, it means you can treat yourself in the evening!

2. Walking is your friend

Holidays are about relaxing of course, but we usually like to spend time exploring where we are too! It’s good to spend time finding fun things to do even if it just means a long daily walk to the beach to keep you active! Another great way to stay fit and have fun is to rent a bike instead of a car!

3. Get a room with a fridge or kitchen

This will allow you to stock your own food in the apartment or wherever you are staying. Try and stock it up with some healthier options and save treats for your main meals.

4. Be aware of alcohol

Lots of us like to have a drink while we’re on holiday, but alcohol can contain many more calories than you think and can undermine your healthy eating efforts! It’s also not very filling so, so drinking won’t satisfy your appetite! We’re not suggesting you cut it out all together though! If you fancy a drink, how about gin and a slimline tonic, rather than a full pint of beer? Just remember your limits and drink responsibly!

5. Eat as much as you would at home

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to over indulge! Portion sizes are going to be different in different countries, with some countries being much more than you’d get here! Don’t feel like you always need to finish your entire plate though, if you’re feeling full then take that as a sign that you don’t need any more!

Most importantly though, enjoy yourself! You can still have a great time without undoing all the hard work you put in before the holiday, and it means when you come back you’re still in that healthy frame of mind.

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