How to stay fit on holiday: 5 top tips19 Oct

How to stay fit on holiday: 5 top tips

Planning on some winter sun or a UK break? Sometimes it’s good to give your body and mind some time off. But if you’re a gym junkie or fitness class addict, the thought of missing even one session sends you into a spin. Fear not. There are all kinds of ways to stay in shape while you’re away.

Here are 5 Top Tips for holiday exercise:

1. Hotel or local Gym

If you just can’t do without a gym, the simple answer is to book a break in a hotel that has one. Alternatively, use Google maps to search for a local gym where you’re staying and contact them find out their prices. Here in the UK, sites like provide a list of gyms/pools/classes, opening times, prices and even reviews. Okay, you might not always find the classes, machines or weights you usually use, but see it as a chance to switch up your routine.

2. Body-Weight exercise

There are plenty of other ways to keep fit outside of the gym. A simple body-weight exercise routine can easily work up a sweat in a few short minutes. For instance, try a quick HIIT session made up of squats, lunges, press-ups, crunches, plank rotations, doorframe rows and on the spot sprints. 1 minute of each, 20 seconds rest in between. Repeat as many times as you like.

3. Portable Equipment

Resistance bands and Suspension Straps are a great way to turn your hotel room into a mini gym. Bands come in a variety of strengths, equivalent to lifting 2-10kg. Suspension straps come with an attachment so that you can trap them onto a doorframe. Both weigh next to nothing and take up very little suitcase space.

4. Workout apps & YouTube

Struggling to think of a routine? There are 100s of phone apps packed with exercises, with or without equipment. Some, like VirtuaGym, are also free to download. Otherwise, you’ll find thousands of workout videos on Youtube, including everything from resistance training, to class-style routines such as interval training, boxercise, aerobics and yoga. The list is endless, so find the ones you like and favourite them for when you’re away.

5. The great outdoors

If you’ve got a hotel pool, then take a break from sunbathing and swim a few lengths. It’s a great, whole body workout. Even better in the sea, where waves and currents can provide a little resistance. Just make sure you stick to the designated swimming zones. The easiest and cheapest exercise is, of course, walking. Get a map and go exploring the local area, or a try a walking tour rather than a bus tour.

Many people think a holiday means doing nothing, putting on a few pounds and letting their fitness levels drop. But these days, there’s always something you can do to stay in shape. All you need to do is plan!

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