‘Happy mum is key to happy home,’ says Leigh-Anne22 Jan

‘Happy mum is key to happy home,’ says Leigh-Anne

Administrator, Leigh-Anne Pieterse knew she had to do something about her weight when her dress size increased to a Size 20 after the birth of her first son Erik.

The 32-year-old mum from Wincham had always been keen on keeping fit but found she had little time for herself after the birth of her first child.

“We were fairly new to the area and I suppose I was a little isolated. When you have a baby it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. You feel guilty if the baby cries and you’re not there, eating patterns become erratic and it’s easier to reach for a takeaway meal rather than cooking something healthy,” she said.

By the time she fell pregnant with her second child, Leigh-Anne had rejoined the gym and changed her lifestyle to return to a Size 16. She decided she wouldn’t fall into the same trap after another baby and carried on exercising right up until a week before she gave birth to her second child Ethan.

“I took medical advice but was still doing fitness classes and Body Pump until the week before I had my Caesarean.”

Now 10 months old, Ethan joins Leigh-Anne at her weekly Buggy Burn & Firm class run by Brio Leisure and Sure Start in Winsford. She’s back at work part time but feels it’s important to keep active and in shape.

“I knew that after a second baby I would feel tired, moody and probably rely on a packet of biscuits to keep me going. I was determined I wasn’t going to be unfit, healthy living and classes such as Buggy Burn & Firm are an ideal way for mums to interact with others in the same situation while getting fit,” she added.

Now a trim Size 14 Leigh Anne says other mums should also consider their own needs as well as their babies.

“A happy baby and a happy home starts with a happy mum. It’s okay to leave a baby for five minutes to prepare a healthy meal and better still to take baby along to classes such as Buggy Burn & Firm. You don’t have the worry of finding baby-sitters or being in an exercise class with people who are child free and perhaps don’t understand what it’s like to have young children.”

Find out more about the Buggy Burn & Firm sessions by contacting Greenfield’s Children’s Centre.

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