Get WorkFit and see results in just 4 weeks!7 Jan

Get WorkFit and see results in just 4 weeks!

Meet Teresa! She’s a rep for West Cheshire Unison, and in December we teamed up with her to explore the benefits of promoting healthy living in the workplace.

Work can be stressful, exhausting and difficult at times, but taking the time to exercise regularly can have a really positive impact on your working life! For example…

Anyway, Teresa took it upon herself to get fit and active using a number of Brio centres, and a variety of different activities too. Let’s see how she got on!

Week 1

Teresa kicked things off at Ellesmere Port Sports Village, starting with a Gym Induction with Bradley. He took her through the state-of-the-art gym equipment, how to use it and the benefits each machine had. “I was very impressed with it and it showed me how important it is to get the correct advice on using the equipment!” Teresa commented. She worked out using the exercise bike, the treadmill and some of the resistance equipment too ensuring she had a complete body workout.

Later that week she visited Winsford Lifestyle Centre on the way back from a meeting. Although she was tired, she made the effort to visit the nearest Brio centre, and was determined to do a workout. “I came out feeling great, especially after seeing a poster saying ‘No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch” she said, and it made her realise how regular exercise can really boost your mood.

Week 2

This was a busy week! “I was in lots of meetings, which in itself is rather stressful, but after I finished working out I felt wonderful!” said Teresa, after using Northwich Memorial Court for the first time. She surprised herself by not only working out in the gym, but by finishing it off with a dip in the pool too!

Later in the week she visited Ellesmere Port Sports Village again where Bradley created an exercise programme for her, taking into consideration her fitness goals. Having structure to your gym workouts is a great way to stay focused and measure progress. This is all provided free of charge as part of your Member Journey Process, included within the Brio WorkFit Premier Membership.

Week 3

As well as carrying on with her Member Journey programme, Teresa tried Zumba which she absolutely loved! “What I’ve realised over the last couple of weeks is that keeping fit can be fun and not a chore. Zumba is great as you’re keeping fit with a smile on your face the whole time”, Teresa said. She was really impressed with the variety of ways to work out at Brio centres, as there’s always something new to try.

Week 4

Teresa visited a number of Brio centres in her final week of her membership. There was a noticeable difference in how she felt since starting regularly exercising, in particular she found she had much more energy than normal, despite working out more! She was so pleased with the results that she bought both herself and her son a membership so they can keep fit into 2016, taking advantage of our Annual Membership offer and getting herself two months free!

So as you can see, Teresa was blown away by the benefits of regular exercise on both her personal and working life! You can see similar results with a Brio membership, and now is the perfect time to sign up and make 2016 your fittest year ever! The Brio WorkFit Membership gives you access to all Brio facilities including our gyms, swimming pools, fitness classes, off-peak racquet sports and health suites for a reduced rate! Don’t forget, if you sign up for an Annual Membership then you’ll get 2 months free!

Find out if you’re eligible and sign up online! Don’t worry if your company isn’t on the WorkFit list yet though, just drop us an email and our Corporate Memberships Officer will be in touch to help get you set up.

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