Get started with the Summer Sculpt!1 Jul

Looking to shape up this summer? Join our Summer Sculpt and get fit for less!

When you sign up in July, you’ll get the remainder of the month, plus all of August for just £20.00 for adults, or £12.00 for juniors!

This gives you Premier Membership benefits, including gym access, casual swimming, all of our fitness classes, racquet sports and more! Click the button to find out more about the offer:

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Still not convinced? Check out 4 reasons why you should be joining in with the Summer Sculpt!

1) Enjoy the social side of exercise

Everyone that signs up will experience our Premier Membership for July and August. This lets you access all of our facilities and activities, including some that are great for socialising! We have a huge fitness class timetable, with some classes that you’ll love to try out with your friends, such as Zumba and the always popular Clubbercise! If classes aren’t your thing, or you fancy some friendly competition, then you’ll be pleased to know your membership also includes off-peak racquet sports! That means you can thrash your best mate at Squash, or play a spot of couples Badminton at no extra cost!

2) Get back in the water

Swimming can often be something we save for while we’re on holiday, or for some of us it’s something we’ve not done since school! Your Summer Sculpt membership includes full access to all casual and lane swim sessions at all of our pools, so make the most of it! Swimming is amazing exercise, works your entire body and has almost no impact on your joints meaning there’s less chance of injury. All reasons why you should get yourself in the pool! And if swimming lengths doesn’t interest you, don’t forget we’ve got plenty of aqua fitness classes too to help you mix things up,

3) Change your perception of fitness classes

We know that lots of people think that dance classes are pretty much it when it comes to group exercise. We want them to know though that’s not the case! While we do run loads of great dance classes such as Zumba or Clubbercise, we pride ourselves on the variety in our timetable and our classes cover a broad spectrum of types. For those that want a cardio burst, there’s Spin, Metafit or Circuits, while for those after a strength and conditioning workout we’ve got Body Combat, Body Pump and several Kettlebell classes that are guaranteed to leave you feeling sore the next day! You can also unwind and workout your mind as well as your body with Pilates or Yoga.

4) The personal touch

Our Member Journey programme will set you up with free personal fitness reviews to help you identify your goals and devise workout plans that will ensure you reach them! These are fantastic for people who have never set foot in a gym before, as you’ll learn how to exercise safely and efficiently to get your desired results, and for those that have a bit more experience, it’s always useful to get a few pointers from our knowledgeable Gym Instructors.

And don’t forget, this offer is available to juniors too for just £12.00, so the whole family can get fit for less!

You can sign up in-centre, or online here.

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