Get Extra Support To Stop Smoking4 May

Get Extra Support To Stop Smoking

The Cheshire Change Hub team are here to help you quit smoking.

Especially with the lack of human contact, quitting can become tedious and hard.

There is no better time to quit.

Despite being in lockdown, Cheshire Change Hub is offering over the phone support and ensuring clients get the support they need during this difficult time.

Here are Sarah’s Top Tips:

1. Quitting is different for everyone

There is no one way to quit! You have to find out what works best for you, whether it is adapting different ideas to suit you. If you’ve struggled previously and haven’t managed to quit smoking despite trying various times, don’t give up! Keep finding new ways that work for you and how you can keep motivated.

2. Ask for help

Seeking advice from trained advisors and professionals can double your chances of quitting! You can learn how to change your behaviour and how this affects your motivation. You can have nicotine replacement therapy/ medication to help manage your cravings or you can just use the support and help from the team.

3. Make a plan

Choosing a quit date gives you something to work towards; pick a reasonable time frame to quit so that it is achievable. Make sure you stay out of challenging situations that could tempt you into smoking, try and stick to the ‘no puff’ rule.

4. Keep busy

Finding ways to keep occupied at any average time is hard; this is only amplified by quarantine! Find different strategies to keep yourself busy; use a stop smoking app to help monitor how well you’re doing. This is a perfect time to pick up those books, new hobbies and sports.


We are here to help.

Today is the day!!

Cheshire Change Hub website

Call: 0300 777 0033

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