Find out how Virtual Cycle really helped Clare with her fitness! 5 Sep

Find out how Virtual Cycle really helped Clare with her fitness!

Clare has a great story about how Brio’s Virtual Cycle has really helped improve her strength and fitness. Find out about how this fantastic class helped her get ready for her summer of cycling!

Brio Cycle is a great way to push your abilities! Replicating different road conditions, this class is excellent for all ages and abilities to help them keep up with their fitness. Especially through the slightly colder and bad weather, it’s an easy way to keep up your fitness and endurance!

Being a member of the Wirral Cycling Group, Clare enjoys cycling around the Wirral through the Spring and Summer months. However, with the weather getting colder, it gets harder for the group to get together. With the group cycling up to 40 miles sometimes, it is hard to keep the fitness up as the weather gets worse and so Clare began going to the Virtual Cycle classes at Neston.

Our Virtual Cycle classes are great for those who want to start anew or keep up their fitness. An instructor on a screen leads these classes; this lets you choose which route, pace and ability you want to do. Clare talked about how this helped her ‘build-up [her] strength and endurance’, which she wanted to work on as she started to lead the cycle rides. Clare wanted to do this well, not to look like she was struggling but being able to enjoy the rides confidently!

If you haven’t tried out Virtual Cycling before, why don’t you head down to Neston and see how this class works! It’s a great way to enjoy the different cycle routes around Cheshire in a way that doesn’t depend on the weather. Something that you can test yourself with and maintain your fitness. We know summer isn’t officially over just yet, but with the way the weather’s been, you’ll probably be better off inside!

We don’t just have Brio Cycle and Virtual Cycle though, if you’re after something more upbeat Vibe Cycle is a great cycle class designed around music!

See all our Brio Cycle classes here.

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