Exercises to help with your posture22 Dec

Exercises to help with your posture

Posture is key to helping your muscles stop hurting and keeping yourself from injury in later life. Having a good posture helps your bones stay in the right alignment, reducing the abnormal rubbing of joints and preventing fatigue.

However, keeping the right posture can be tricky, and so we’ve got some tips and exercises that can really help you.

Leaning on one leg can be a more natural way to stand, whether it’s behind a till or just chatting to friends. However, by leaning to the side, your muscles become imbalanced and can cause strain on your lower back.

Whenever you catch yourself shifting your weight over to one leg, try and stand straight with even pressure on both your legs. By doing exercises that strengthen your lower back and core, you’ll find it easier to shift your weight on both legs rather than leaning to the side. Start with a simple plank or back extensions to help you strengthen those muscles!


In work sitting behind a desk, or staring at a screen for too long, you can find yourself poking your chin out. By doing this, you are straining your neck muscles and tensing up your shoulders.

Lengthen your neck and tuck your chin in, adjust seating and screens and make sure anything around that can be changed to help with your posture is adapted for you. Pull in your lower tummy to help with sitting up straight too. Strengthening your shoulders will also help you to sit straight; by doing pull-ups, push-ups and other exercises that target this area, you’ll notice a difference.


Slouching in a chair is something we all do! It’s so hard to stop once it becomes a habit; however, it can cause a lot of pain as it increases the tension in your muscles.

Start sitting right and strengthening your core to help you sit straight and relaxed without having to worry about it. Exercises like the plank, crunches etc. all strengthen your core and help with building your core.

These are just a couple of the more common problems with our posture, but there are so many more! You can find these on the NHS page, or if you continue to work with strengthening your lower back, core and shoulders, you’ll see a difference.

Fitness Classes:

Fitness classes like Yoga and Pilates are another brilliant way for you to start strengthening these areas. Both classes focus on you holding poses, postures and exercises for a while to help with strengthing your core.

Taking part in one of these classes could help you see what exercises are needed to increase good posture; you could even look up the correct ways of some activities and how these would work at home!

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