Everything you need to know about taking your baby swimming!20 Feb

Everything you need to know about taking your baby swimming!

It can be a bit daunting taking your baby swimming for the first time, but there’s no need to worry! Babies have been in fluid in the womb for nine months, so are comfortable in the water from the minute they’re born, as long as they feel safe.

You’re able to take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they’ve been vaccinated, and even during their course of vaccinations. It’s all about what’s best for your baby though, so if they’re feeling a bit feverish or irritable as a side-effect of their vaccination then it’s worth waiting a few days until they’re feeling well enough to go. Babies under 4 months can also become chilled very easily, so start them off with short trips to get them used to the pool environment.

As babies are already comfortable moving in fluid, introducing them to the water should be a good experience for them! Reassure them by smiling, talking and making lots of eye contact. They’ll instinctively move their arms and legs when in the water so use this to make them feel familiar with being supported and get them used to the feeling of water on their face.

Once they’re comfortable being in the water for 30 minutes, you may want to try a more structured session. Our Swim-a-Song drop in sessions, or Adult and Child Swimming Lessons are the perfect progression. Parents and guardians join in as the little ones work their way through action categories based on songs adapted from well known nursery rhymes to help improve their mobility and stability in the water! You can find out more about these here.

And finally, you may be wondering what you need to bring when you take your baby swimming. Take a look below for our handy checklist!

That’s all there is to it! Did you introduce your children to swimming? If you have any tips or tricks of your own, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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