Delicious, Nutritious Smoothies! 19 Sep

Delicious, Nutritious Smoothies!

Start your day with a fantastic smoothie packed with goodness. Smoothies are a great way to add fruit and veg into your daily diet, but only when they don’t include kilos of sugar! Here are some great smoothie ideas!

Breakfast Smoothie:

This is a great breakfast smoothie! It contains oats which are an amazing slow release of energy to get you through to lunch. If you don’t want to add extra sugar, then you don’t need to include the honey and vanilla, this is to add a bit more sweetness to the smoothie!

Tropical Paradise:

This vegan smoothie is a great way to mix up your diet and try something new! You can always add coconut milk or oat milk to a smoothie instead of adding milk or another dairy product. Try unsweetened coconut milk too as this is better for you!

Turmeric and Mango Smoothie:

To make this smoothie healthier if you don’t want to add yoghurt, you can always add flaxseeds! These are tiny seeds that are amazing at thickening up and are full of fibre, antioxidants and more!

Green Smoothie:

This might seem a lot of spinach but what’s great about spinach is that you can barely taste it when it’s blended! This smoothie is full of goodness, and you can switch anything or add more green foods to this green smoothie! All of these websites have more amazing smoothies for you to try out!

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