Customer of the Month – Leanne!26 May

Customer of the Month – Leanne!

Meet our Customer of the Month – Leanne!

As you can probably tell from her photo, Leanne has gone through a truly amazing transformation! Before starting her healthy living journey, she was a size 24 and didn’t put much thought into what she ate. As she says, “I was very unhealthy, and would eat anything in sight!”

Now though, she has a completely different outlook on healthy living. She uses Northwich Memorial Court at least five times a week, whether it’s for a double session of Body Pump / Body Combat, or chilling out with a swim in the pool. She describes exercise as now giving her a “positive vibe, both mentally and physically” – working out in the morning ensures she’s feeling great for the rest of the day, and encourages her to make positive and healthy food choices. Northwich Memorial Court has has been open over a year at this point, and during the time it’s been open, Leanne has dropped from a size 24 to a size 12/14, which is just incredible!

How does Leanne work out?

She joined Brio Leisure because she didn’t just want to use the gym. For her, it’s all about variety! As well as swimming, her favourite fitness classes are Body Combat and Body Pump. She particularly likes Body Pump because she can choose to increase the weights on her bar, giving her a noticeable measure of her strength increasing!

What keeps Leanne motivated?

A lot of people ask her how she stays motivated to work out as frequently as she does. Her answer is that she just loves that feeling you get from completing a tough workout! You may be soaked with sweat, but you’ll always have a big smile on your face and you’ll feel proud of yourself for completing it. She also believes you need to find something you enjoy in order to stay motivated, and fitness classes do that for her.

It’s not just about fitness though. Leanne says that a trip to the gym is just what she needs to cheer herself up on a bad day, and it’s also a great way to socialise with all the friends she’s made there!

Leanne’s tips for staying healthy!

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So, that’s Leanne, our Customer of the Month! We love hearing stories like this, and we know you all do too. If you’ve seen some huge changes to your body and lifestyle after working out with us, get in touch – we’d love to feature you!

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