Cardio workouts without equipment you need to try!23 Mar

Cardio workouts without equipment you need to try!

Cardio is super simple to conquer in the gym – equipment can be essential to get your cardio boxed off as soon as. But how can you complete cardio workouts without equipment?

Here are our top 5 cardio workouts without equipment you need to try!

1 – Burpees

Burpees can be your favourite exercise or the one you refuse to do, but you can’t deny how well they work your body! Not only are burpees the perfect exercise to try without equipment, but they can be varied in ways to keep the exercise exciting and fun.


2 – Jumping lunges

Taking a simple exercise and adding something to it can be the perfect way to add more cardio to your workout! With simple jumping lunges, this cardio exercise will get your body moving and keep your heart racing!

3 – Squat jumps

Like jumping lunges, squat jumps add cardio to one of our favourite workouts! Testing your lower body, this exercise will keep your heart healthy and focus on building up leg muscles!


4 – Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are amazing to vary, whether bringing your knees right into your chest or twisting to the opposite shoulder, this exercise can switch up and keep your body moving and keep your exercises exciting!


5 – Star jumps

Finishing with a simple but effective exercise, star jumps can really wear you out! Even only working out for 30 seconds, this simple exercise can get your heart racing!


Try completing these 5 exercises over 3 rounds, round 1 for 20 seconds, round 2 for 30 seconds and round 3 for 45 seconds! This can be your simple cardio workout for a week, giving you something easy to fit into the day whether at home or at the gym.


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