Can I swim whilst I’m pregnant?1 Nov

Can I swim whilst I’m pregnant?

Yes! Swimming is considered to be safe in pregnancy. As part of a healthy pregnancy, regular exercise is encouraged and swimming is a great low impact exercise. Just check with your doctor or midwife before you start if swimming is new to you.

Swimming helps to keep you fit which will make it easier for your body to adapt to pregnancy. It may also help you to feel better about your changing body.

It’s a particularly good exercise in pregnancy as the water helps to support your extra weight. This can be a huge relief, especially in the third trimester. Swimming also helps to:

If you were a regular swimmer before your pregnancy then it should be business as usual as far as your regular routine is concerned! Even if you’ve never done much in the way of exercise, swimming is still a great way to get active while pregnant. Chlorinated water is not harmful to you or your baby, and it’s safe for you to swim throughout your entire pregnancy.

Whatever your level of fitness, you should start slowly with small sessions and gradually work your way up to 30 minute sessions. Always warm up and cool down, and don’t over exert yourself! Aim to come out of the pool feeling that you could do more.

When choosing a stroke, just pick one that you find comfortable. If you alternate between swimming on your front and floating on your back then that’ll be enough for a good workout. If you’re having any pains then have a chat with your midwife or doctor, as they’ll be able to advise on a stroke that won’t cause any pain. If you feel unwell or experience any unusual symptoms then always remember to stop your swimming routine and contact your doctor or midwife.

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